Iman Barlow taking on

Atenea Flores for a World Title

Iman Barlow has been fighting since she could walk.

She is extremely talented Muay Thai fighter and after years and years of fighting the best fighters around, she has a reputation around the world for being super entertaining.

She fights all over the country and the world but after a long time she returns to her home turf for a World Title fight.

The atmosphere at the Muay Thai Addict League is going to be crazy.

Buy the PPV now, watch her and many other great fights on 3rd December.


Iman Barlow interview

Iman Barlow is leaving no stone unturn.

She is putting in the work and looking to put on a performance that all her home fan base will be proud of.

You can watch her fight and the rest of the fights from The Muay Thai Addict League.